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    Asheville Home Comparative Market Analysis

    Please answer the questions to the right for a CMA for your Asheville or surrounding area home.

    It is important to explain any additional features that might set apart your home. Also, please explain any features needing repair so the costs associated can be deducted.

    Please be aware that this analysis is only an general estimate. To find the true value of your home, please use a Certified Appraiser.

    Your phone number is required so that I may call you with any additional questions.
    Please allow 1 week for completion when I will email you the details of the results.

    Market Your Home:

    Asheville home comparative market analysis lets you price your home correctly and competitively.  Using sales details of surrounding homes, we can find the right price point to make your house sell faster.  Coupled with staging your home, professional photo services and online marketing to the top real estate websites and more, your house will receive the most exposure.

    Find Out What To Offer On Your Dream Home:

    With Asheville home comparative market analysis, you can find out what to bid on a home.  Using leverage of sales of surrounding area homes and finding out what a seller owes on his home will put you in the captain’s seat for home purchase.

    Thanks for the opportunity to serve you! – Jennifer

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