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Jennifer Goodier and Divitia Realty are prepared to sell your home by:

    1. Staging – Homes that are stages spend 78% LESS time on the market than homes that are not staged.
    2. Professional Marketing:
      • 90% of homes are found on the internet.  Our team of online marketing specialists works hard adding your home to the top trending real estate websites.
      • Professional Photos, Video and Brochures – We hire professionals to make your home look as good as possible. This is paramount to get showings of your home.
      • Eye-catching signage is placed in front of your home with brochures and an easy to read phone number.
      • 500 to 1000 neighborhood “just listed” jumbo postcards and also same quantity for neighborhood open house invites.
      • Fine Homes Of Western Carolina- Will purchase cover if available. Also will try for “advertorial” to talk about North Asheville and Asheville Country Club.
      • International marketing- Strategically place property on international websites in Europe, Asia and South America to maximize exposure to out of country buyers and investors.
    3. Proper Pricing – I do this by performing an exhaustive comparable search and working with you to determine the best price to maximize your profit.

    A Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Sale:

    Outside Presentation: The first thing a home buyer sees is the outside of your home.  Hire a professional to take care of your lawn/garden or do it yourself.  Keeping your lawn cut, edged and sidewalks clear is a must.  Mulching to stave off weeds and enhance the garden’s appearance can make a huge impact. Repair any defects in paint, trim and clean off cobwebs that buyers may see upon entry.  Are your outside lights to your entrance up-to-date?  This can be an inexpensive way to rejuvenate your curbside appeal.  Remember that the bases of the lights may be different sizes and un-painted/un-stained walls may show.

    De-personalize: Take down the family pictures and artifacts to let your buyer imagine themselves living there.

    clean-kitchenDe-clutter: Put away all nonessential items, clean off all counter tops of personal items. Your home should resemble a photograph in a magazine. Clean and organize even your kitchen cabinets. Buyers love to snoop and your attention to these details lets the buyer feel comfortable that you take care of your home. Your home should remain in this “zen” state while trying to sell your home. Buy storage boxes and stack them neatly in your garage or attack. You will need to start packing anyway to move to your new home!

    Rent a storage unit: Most rooms have to many pieces of furniture which end up making a room look smaller. Even remove leaves in your dining table. Leave only the essential items to show the purpose of that room.

    Remove/Replace Favorite Items: Plan to take it with you? Remove any fixtures, drapes, appliances that you wish to move to your next home. Fixtures that a buyer might expect to be included in the purchase of the home are light fixtures, all appliances, hot tubs, drapes and anything that looks to have been permanently attached.

    Make Repairs:

    • Replace cracked tiles on counter tops, back-splashes or flooring. Check your basement or storage areas for left over tiles. An overage is usually calculated for tile jobs and left on site for these repairs!
    • Patch holes in walls and paint neutral colors. Spackle can be purchased at your local hardware store and applied quickly. If you haven’t done a lot of wall painting, buy painter’s tape to protect ceilings and trim and new paint rollers (usually a medium nap). Lay down old sheets or blankets to protect the floors. Consider painting your walls neutral, warm colors, especially if you have painted special colors for kids rooms. Warm colors make buyer’s feel welcome.
    • Fix leaky faucets. Sometimes this can be easily accomplished by replacing washers. Bring your old washers with you to the hardware store.
    • Fix doors that don’t close properly and kitchen drawers that jam.
    • Replace burnt-out light bulbs.  Even though eco light bulbs are great for conserving energy, incandescent bulbs usually produce a warmer, more pleasing glow.  Save the fluorescents for your new home!
    • Replace worn bedspreads. This is often the focus of bedrooms. Neutrals or solids are best.
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