Keller Williams Agents – Add Contact Database To eEdge

Keller Williams Agents – Add Contact Database To eEdge

Instructions To Import Your Database in

Gather a .vcard or .csv from any contact list you have by finding the “Export” within the program.  Upload the file to Google Drive and then use Google Sheets to get them into a template and download the new contact list as .csv from Google Sheets

Open eEdge (

Click on the Contacts link

On the new menu above, click Contacts/Import-Export

Under Type of File, select Basic Contact List

Click on the file that appears as a link on the left “Download Basic Contact List Template”

Open up Google Drive

Select the folder where you want to save the file (tiny folder icon next to name)

Click the NEW (red button on left) and select Google Sheets

Click File/Open/Upload

Browse to the file you just downloaded (Download Folder), Open

In Google Sheets, Click File / New / Spreadsheet

Click File/Open/Upload

Find your contact database download

Copy the WHOLE COLUMN by clicking the A, B or whatever column holds the First Name, Last Name and Email then (CTRL+C on PC) (You can sort your database by email by clicking on the email column, then clicking “Data” from the menu, then “Sort sheet by column ?, A – Z” and the same for physical address)

TAKE NOTE OF EACH HEADING in the template. You want to make sure you keep the heading name (top row) whatever it is in the template to upload into eEdge.  (ex.  If template says Email Address 1, and REALTOR download says E-mail Address, you would want to change it back after pasting the column to Email Address 1).

YOU WILL WANT TO CHECK THE FIRST 6 ROWS – Check to make sure a First Name, Last Name and Email (or physical address) are there for the first 6 rows of people.  If not, delete the person by deleting that row (or fix it accordingly).  Otherwise, eEdge will give you an error upon import!

After you have populated the template with the right data, change the template name by clicking “ml-import-template” and changing it to an appropriate title.

Go to eEdge, then Contacts / Import/Export

Under Section 1.  Choose Basic Contact List

Under Section 2. Select Your List Import Options

Add Contacts To Group – Choose from the drop-down menu “Realtors” or whatever group name you chose

Under Section 3.  Attach and Import

Choose File

Browse to your new contact file, select/open

Click the checkbox that you are not spamming anyone! and click Import.
Voila!  You are done. It may take a few minutes for your imported contacts to appear in eEdge.

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