Financial Documentation Needed For A Loan

Financial Documentation Needed For A Loan




  • Most recent paystubs for each borrower – needs to cover a full 30 day period
  • 2012 and 2013 W2’s for each borrower – need for all jobs worked during this time
  • 2012 and 2013 Federal tax returns  – need all Schedules
  • Social Security or Pension Award letters  – for all sources of retirement income
  • Lease Agreements  – for any rental properties that you own




  • 2 Most Recent Statements for all Checking/Savings/Money Market Accts –  need all pages for each statement, even if the last page is blank.  Statements must show full name, address, and account number.  Many times, you can download the actual statement off of your banks website if you don’t have the one that was mailed to you.
  • Most Recent Statement for all 401K/IRA/Investment Accts –  again, I need all pages for each statement.  Each statement must meet the criteria listed above.
  • Documentation for Large Deposits into Bank Account –  need copy of cleared check and written explanation for deposits that are greater than $500 and are NOT from your employers direct deposit.




  • Copy of Drivers License – need for all borrowers
  • Copy of the cleared earnest money/due diligence checks  – once they clear your bank account
  • Insurance Agent Info –  I have a great agent if you need a recommendation
  • Residence for past two years – include dates, landlords’ names and phone numbers
  • Recent Mortgage Statement/Tax Bill/Insurance Bill for any properites you own  – I don’t need the tax or insurance bill if we can show that taxes/insurance are escrowed into your mortgage payment.
  • Copy of divorce decree – if applicable, for any previous marriages
  • Verification of any additional income – such as alimony or child support; retirement plan, etc.
  • Certificate of Eligibility/DD214 – If a veteran and applying for a VA loan.
  • Gift Documentation – if applicable, I will walk you through exactly what you need to do

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