5/6/2015 – Percentages below are subject to change. Seller Paid Closing Costs Seller-Paid Closing Costs Allowed By Types Of Loans USDA and FHA:                 6% all LTVs (there is talk of lowering this to 3%, however now it remains 6%) VA:      […]

Seller Paid Closing Costs

19 Audubon Dr, Asheville NC 28804 Asheville 4 Bedroom 3 Bath Home For Sale Features: 4 Bedrooms 3 Baths 3475 Square Feet South Facing Large, Level Front Yard Tons Of Storage Easy Commute To Downtown – 11 minutes Utility/Garden Storage 2 Garages Large Built-In Bar Yoga Room 3 Minutes to […]

19 Audubon Dr, Asheville 28804

8 Financial Mistakes When Qualifying For A Home 1. Applying With One Lender You don’t want to settle for even a short period of time with the wrong mortgage. Investigate all of your options, and then you need to lay your choices side-by-side and do the math—making sure you have emergency savings […]

8 Financial Mistakes When Qualifying For A Home

Asheville VA Home Loan Veteran’s Can Qualify for No Down-payment up to $417,000! Loans can be assumed by qualified non-veterans or veterans (Sell your home to someone with a loan of 3.5%) Qualify for a larger loan with a down-payment of only 10% Reservists/guardsmen who have completed six years of […]

Asheville VA Home Loan