Asheville Homes For Sale

Buying A Home In Asheville:

Today’s market is a Seller’s market.  Asheville homes for sale, especially in the downtown market are scarce. Properties here are hot. This coupled with low interest rates leaves sellers with the upper hand, often driving bidding wars on the sale of their home.  In today’s market, a buyer has to be ready for the competition.

Being Prepared As A Home Buyer:

  • Pre-qualifying for a loan is essential if a buyer wants to have a chance at “winning” the home they most desire.  A seller’s acceptance of an offer is sometimes dependent on the buyer’s loan pre-qualification.
  • Having multiple offers written on comparable homes increases a buyer’s chance at owning a home and gives the buyer leverage from the seller’s standpoint.  A buyer has to be willing to stay less emotionally connected to one home and see the value in multiple homes of the same caliber.
  • Choosing a Realtor who is prepared to do a lot of research to find comparable homes, act quickly to prepare offers on listings and then rescind the surplus offers immediately is a must.

Writing multiple offers on homes means that the buyer has to be truly committed to owning any one of those homes. When one of the sellers accepts his offer, the buyer must be prepared to accept his commitment.  A buyer finds leverage when letting each seller know he has multiple offers written.  Time limits can also be added to the offer to create a sense of urgency for the seller to enter into contract.

Gain the upper hand by choosing Jennifer Goodier and Divitia Realty as your partners in purchasing your home.

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